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“The Lawyers Business Mastermind group for small legal business owners had a fantastic training session on optimising costs with Lynsie Whyke of Chantry Costs.  As business owners (and fee earners) it’s vital for us to have a good handle on how effective our pricing is, whether it’s by reference to hourly rates or fixed fees.  Lynsie provided a guide to setting fees, producing estimates (and not guesstimates) and to effectively handling fee creep in our businesses, plus considering what we should and shouldn’t be spending our time on.  I would highly recommend Lynsie’s consultancy and training sessions to any law firms or legal businesses.”


“I got talking to Lynsie at an event I attended recently and was really interested in her work as a Costs Lawyer.  Lynsie’s experience and expertise means she is uniquely placed to help lawyers improve their time recording and adapt their work processes to become more efficient at what they do.  Lynsie kindly agreed to spend some time working with me and we have started exploring the different reasons I might be under recording my time – perhaps feeling a task took too long, or lacking the confidence to recognise that smaller tasks can still add value and progress a case.  Lynsie has given me some really useful guidance and I look forward to our next meeting in a month or so to see how I’ve been getting on!” Consultant Solicitor


“Lynsie recently conducted some staff training for us around costs. As our business model includes retainer work, fixed cost, legal expense insurance and traditional hourly rate we cannot adopt a uniform approach to charging for our work. Lynsie very helpfully gave us practical tips which the team found useful and is making a positive difference to the way we set, communicate and review our charges.” Employment Solicitor and Managing Director


“Lynsie delivered an excellent training for Legal Studio designed especially for consultant solicitors balancing the challenges of getting work through the door with spending too much time on matters and not charging enough. Lynsie doesn’t only talk about the practical steps but the mindsets involved. We continued our conversations about fees and charges for hours after the session and will hopefully mean that we’re all more intentional about scoping, setting fixed fees accurately and keeping the client updated. ” Head of Mission